Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hydrangea II -- Completed

"Hydrangea II"
8" x 8"
watercolor on aquabord

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`Finished this one this afternoon, hope you like it.  I'm back doing some final touches on my raspberry painting and laying down washes on my other new one. How's that for suspense? I'm hoping to post that one all finished by Friday. I better get moving!


  1. Gorgeous Kara, love this, amazed at the color and the detail in this size painting, it looks so much bigger!

  2. Talking about being on a roll!!! I love the deep color of the cup, which gives it a beautiful illusion of glaze on ceramics. I remember you have painted this cup in another still life and I was in love with how you did the ceramics then, and this one is even more vivid and glowing! The flowers are lovely too, with beautiful varied hues and clear value shapes. The light background and unusual cropping gives a very cheerful, uplifting feeling. Well done Kara!

  3. Hello Kara:) You did a beautiful job on this one. I love the color in the flowers and the shiny vase. The color of the vase is very special. I love it!

  4. Increíblemente hermoso este trabajo.Saludos


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