Friday, January 11, 2013

Baskets Are Hard

Here are a couple shots of a painting I'm working on.  The second one has a mask on some of the reed, that's why it looks so weird.  I painted some underlying washes first, as you can see in the first painting, but then went back masked out one of the legs and parts of the basket to add some darker tones.  I have no idea what the heck paper I'm working on -- I thought it was a Fabriano hard-press -- but I'm not so sure.  It's not really allowing me to lift like it usually does - although I did manage to get some of that pigment off the wall before I neutralized it.  Perhaps though because it is a heavier stock than what I usually use -- I think it's 300lb.  That probably makes a difference.  Anyway -- I don't like it.  And also, like the title of this post reads:  baskets are hard!  Actually they're freakin' hard -- pardon my language.  I don't much like them either right now.  I am a little in a bad mood, in case you can't tell . . . but I will keep pluggin' along, so watch for my next post.  And I promise I will be back to my delightful self again!  HA!


  1. Do keep 'plugging along'...the piece is absolutely gorgeous !

  2. I love this piece. I would be thrilled if mine came out half as good! Cheer up! Back to the water colors!

    1. Thank you Sue. I'm sure yours will come out great! :)

  3. I think it is the weight that makes the difference! I recently tried a #300 cold press paper, and it is much much much harder to lift than the same brand #140 paper. However, usually the front side of paper offers easier lifting than the back of the paper too, although for Fabriano it is not much different. Even the Cold Press #140 Fabriano is very easy to lift. The Rough is not easy for lifting, but from the paper grain I can see on your painting, I am pretty sure it is not rough, so I am betting it is the weight of the paper that has made the difference.

    I want to say I really love the light effect on this one! The subtle color temperature shifts are masterful. The basket looks very real in its general turning form as well as in the texture. Keep hanging there! It would be another beautiful one just like "American Interior", I'm sure!

  4. Thank you Arena -- your insight into the paper weight makes a lot of sense. I'm always in such a pickle when I can't lift out! :) And thank you for your encouragement. Happy Painting!

  5. Kara, I've never tried a basked but thought about doing a painting of sweet grass baskets from Charleston. It sounds like it was not fun at all! I agree with Arena about the paper weight I really do not like 300lb paper, I just don't get what people like about it, but it's probably more my technique than the paper, but it's soft and the pigment soaks in, uggghhh. I paint exclusively on 260lb Arches, it's hard to find but I love it! I really love the warmth and nostalgic feel to this painting. You should step back it's really a beautiful piece.

  6. I've been away from blogger for a while..."back East" actually. Trying to catch up with the few people I follow...saw your post amuse me. I also see you are busy setting up workshops...looks like a busy year ahead. Keep up the good work and all of the best in this year ahead.


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