Monday, August 13, 2012

New Look, New WIP

Ok . . . so sometimes we try, try and try some more, with less than desirable results and are forced to just abort the mission!  :) Such is the case with "No Beggin'" -- so I am chalking it up as a "study." Ya, that's the ticket . . . a "study." The photo was kind of dark which was good, because the people then popped, but I just made a muddy mess of it. So I'm going to try this one again -- but this time I'm going to be careful with the background. I'll probably take some more photos because I like the story or theme of the painting, "no beggin'" but I hate the painting. And I just LOVE that kitchen. It deserves a much better rendering.

"Hydrangea II" - WIP
6" x 6"

I just put on the second/third glazes on the redware mug this morning and it was delightful. So hopefully I'll have this one finished up later today.

Now onto some other news. If you haven't noticed, I changed my blog design a little. I've been listening to "Artists Helping Artists" (if you don't know what I'm talking about and you're an artist, you MUST check it out - Leslie Saeta is wonderful -- as well as her original partner Dreama Tolle Perry.  I'm looking forward to hearing more from other artists.  Fellow bloggers Carrie Waller and Crystal Cook had a great interview a little while ago) and I'm very excited about all that I'm learning!  So this is my first attempt at implementing some of the important advice they've shared regarding building a brand and marketing. The new banner, fresh look and tag line are my first steps toward creating a consistent message about who I am as an artist (unfortunately "Scatter-brained ADD Artist" isn't really an option). I've also worked on my website, tweaking it to reflect the same message. Hopefully I can stay more current with it, as I've let it slide since I started this blog. Aaah, so much to do, so little time -- but isn't it fun and exciting!?  :)  Anyway, click here to check it out if you get the chance. -- Oops - at first I forgot the "c" and I typed "lick here" instead of "click here." Thank goodness I noticed, or else you'd all be licking your screens wondering why nothing was happening! You can thank me later.  :)

So that's the news around here.  Hope you are having a pleasant Monday.


  1. Hello Kara:) You made my day already! I've had a good laugh about the licking the screen haha!
    As we say: a day not laught is a day not lived. So your post was just in time!!
    About your "no beggin" painting; isn't lifting some paint around the dark areas an option? It's so nice as it is now. Anyway: I love your hydrangea, and your mug is beautiful. Thanks for the link to AHA, I will check it out rightaway!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my post Renate and thank you for your kind comments. I could probably do some more lifting to "No Beggin'" but I'd rather not spend the time because I think I could restart it and do it better. Have fun with AHA -- let me know what you think. :)

  2. I love the new look of your blog -- it is very professional and fresh-looking. I completely share you sentiment of not having time to do everything -- I feel I am just running around doing a bad job trying to catch up with all promotion activities, design tasks while still try to paint!

    I just painted one painting to death so I share your sentiment of the Fisher Price Painting as well, although I don't think it is not lovely as it is now. But again, I do not know the paper condition just by looking at the photo and if the paper just cannot take more glaze or lifting any more, then one has no other option but to give up, so you are the only one who can make that call. I do like the concept and the composition, and I think the color scheme works. Just darker yellowish tone is hard by itself...

    1. Thank you Arena and I'm sure you didn't paint anything to death. You are a fantastic painter so I'm sure it still looks amazing. I'm looking forward to starting this one again. Yellows are tough.

  3. I agree with Arena, the new look of your blog is fabulous! Very crisp and professional. I need to change mine up sometime.

    Your hydrangea painting is so gorgeous Kara, I love it anytime you paint that mug. :) I know how you feel when you've pushed a painting too far, but I don't think your FP painting looks like that. Those two little guys look happy to me.

    And thanks for the shout out. :)

  4. When I got my email post this morning, I thought "what a great little painting!" So surprised that you are not happy with it but I certainly can relate to your feelings! Your blog looks great! I, too, have been listening to the AHA radio show. I have downloaded all the shows from iTunes and play them on my way to work and back. I like that because you hear things you didn't hear the first go around. I love the artist interviews. They really keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing your humor and talent!

  5. Thank you so much Kaethe -- that was really sweet. I think I can do it better so I'm going to give it another try. I have some more little people up my sleeve, so stay tuned. :) They crack me up. Oh and AHA is definitely motivating! Good idea about the download. Thanks again for commenting.


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