Friday, August 17, 2012

Hurricane Lantern

"Hurricane Lantern"
(watercolor on Fabriano soft-pressed paper)
9" x 7.75"

(what this painting could look like framed)

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In previous posts I think I've referred to this painting as "Kerosene Lamp" -- but I decided that when speaking, I usually call these types of lamps "Hurricane Lanterns" -- so I just went with it.  I was hoping to have another painting done for today, but it's still in the works.  So stay tuned . . . "same bat time; same bat channel."  (Does that bring back memories or what!?  Here's a neat little tidbit -- my neighbor starred in a couple of original Batman t.v. series episodes as Vincent Price's "Egghead" character's female sidekick, "Ms. Bacon."  How cool is that!?)

Enjoy your weekend.  


  1. Fabulous job on the hurricane/kerosine lamp. It's fantastic!! Not only that but you managed to showcase 2 pretty neat focal points without having them compete. The window is also equally fantastic.

    Also I have been Loooovingggg you hydrangeas! Such a gorgeous flower and you've painted them spectacularly!

    I was going to mention when you had trouble with your last fp painting a little tidbit that has helped me. It's kind of a "duh" tip but I had not thought of it so it might help you too. When you have a photo that is dark in areas and has other areas you really like, try printing out the photo a few times with varying degrees of lightness. You can capture more of your details in the background by lightening it up and still have the people in the forefront the way you like them in the darker picture.

    And very cool about your neighbor/Batman connection.

  2. Just saw your hurricane lamp painting on Daily Paintworks (I am on there, too) and I loved it, so took a look at your blog. I really like your work! Am joining your site.


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