Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Farmhouse and News

6" x 6"

Ok . . . well . . . I suppose I have some `splainin' to do.  I'm still working on my Fisher Price project -- so don't worry I'm not that sick in the head.  In fact, I have a few more started and am moving closer to finishing the first.  BUT I had an urge to do a landscape on the aquabord.  I like the aquabord.  And I like the aquabord for landscapes I decided.  I just ordered a frame for it and am interested to see how it will look.  I'll be sure to post the results so stay tuned.  Also, I have an open studio coming up -- October 13th and 14th and am getting ready for that, which may explain my mania (or maybe not).  Anyway, I'm telling you this so that you can be prepared for even more random painting tangents. Oh and if you're interested in our tour you can get more information at www.backroadsstudiotour.com or on our facebook page.  :)

And speaking of the Tour -- my "news" is that I was one of three artists in our group, featured in an article in Worcester Living Magazine.  You can read my interview here (don't be alarmed -- I look about 10 feet tall, but I'm really not) and if you'd like to read the whole article click here, then click on each artist's name under the photo -- (which incidentally was taken in my studio during last year's tour and I don't look so much like a giant in that picture.)  Seriously though -- if you have the time, check out our website we have some really amazingly talented artists creating very cool stuff!  I feel very lucky to be included.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog!  :)


  1. First this painting is magnificent!! Serious awesomeness, happening here!

    Second, Big Congrats on your article-I'm off to check it out!

    And Third--Good Luck/Break a Brush on your open studio:))

  2. This was a nice departure. The crisp white against the greens is lovely, well done.


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