Friday, February 21, 2014


"Winter Whites" - work in progress
19.5" x 12.75"

One of my students took pictures of this lantern for her next project. We made some compositional adjustments in Photoshop, and I was particularly intrigued by this one. It's a difficult subject and I wanted to prepare for assisting my student with its many challenges. The body is metal with lots of reflections. 

I've also done more work on my bottles, just haven't taken photos.  I'm looking to have these completed by next week.  

Thank you for viewing my work. :)

more progress

"Winter Whites" - work in progress


  1. In my monthly critique group of six artists, there are only two of us who find joy in doing (or maybe even looking at) representational work. The rest don't see the point. When I look at your work, I catch my breath thinking of the inherent magic there is in capturing such a lovely image onto a clean blank sheet of paper. You've made it your own by your observation and brushwork. Thanks for sharing the progress pictures.

  2. Beautiful - a simply elegant painting of Winter Whites.


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