Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lights . . . Camera . . . Auction!

"Daisies Squared"
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

Click here to bid.

After struggling a bit on the background I finally came up with something I like.  "Daisies Squared" is a square composition of an earlier painting I did on paper (that one was a long rectangle).  I decided to put this little one up for auction on my DailyPaintworks site. Bidding begins at $100. This painting doesn't come framed, however the image below shows what it could look like when framed.

(although this painting does not come framed, this is what it could look like)

Thanks so much for visiting!  I'm off to paint the next . . .

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A New Little Painting

"Cape Cod Pumpkins"
11" x 6.75"
(framed watercolor on aquabord)
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Last week I had the good fortune of presenting a demonstration at the Agawam Public Library to the Agawam Artists. It was a most delightful evening spent with some very lovely people. In preparation for my demo, I started digging around my pile of small, incomplete paintings and came up with this little ditty. The scene is from a charming little house on Cape Cod during the month of October. What a joyful time to be tooling around the Cape - with the crisp, cool air, clear sunlight and very little traffic!  Huzzah!

Using a painting I had already begun, I was easily able to show how I lift pigment out and spray water back over existing patches of color. Many thanks to the artists of Agawam, MA!  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Prints for Sale!

I've recently subscribed to imagekind - a site where you can order high quality reproductions of my work in many different sizes on either paper or canvas, framed or unframed.  You can visit my storefront here to check out what's for sale.  I recently ordered a very large print on canvas of "Signs" (shown above) and it's awesome!  

close-up of the wrapped canvas print with black border

 Even though the original painting is only 14" x 11" -- the image quality (original resolution) is high enough that enlarging the image is not an issue.  It looks fantastic in person!  I don't normally paint this large, so seeing my work this size is very exciting.

a large wrapped canvas -- 30.5" x 24"
(don't mind the yellow hue -- that's just my lighting -- the print looks great in person)

I think this would look so cool in a bar, restaurant or loft, don't cha think?  :)

I hope you'll visit my new store for reproductions and that you like what you see!