Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Next Progress Shot

8" x 10"
wip - watercolor on aquabord

We're moving right along here.  Dark dogs are hard.  Not as hard as baskets, but they pose their own set of problems.  :)  I'm still working on these two . . . but we're getting close.  I feel like now I'm in the "sit, look, wait, paint . . . sit some more, look some more, paint a stroke and wait some more" phase.  Have a happy painting day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


8" x 10"
watercolor on Aquabord

Here's a shot of a work in progress on my latest commission.  How stinkin' cute are these two?  Well . . . maybe the fella on the left isn't yet, but I assure you, he's adorable. What a hilarious picture.  It's a surprise birthday present from a very old friend of mine (he and I attended school together -- elementary through high school and recently reconnected on Facebook) to his wife -- so sssshhhhh . . . we must keep it a secret.  Luckily she doesn't check out my blog and actually may not even know I exist.  Not yet, anyway, but pretty soon she will.  :)  I took this picture this morning, and have actually done more work on them and will post tomorrow.  So tune in!  Same bat time, same bat channel.  Have a good night and thanks for taking a peek.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chair With Basket

13" x 10.5"
watercolor on paper

This is pretty much done -- I just have to set it aside for a day or so to look at it and make sure there's nothing else I need to tweak.  I'm really at a loss for a name for this piece -- so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm completely open.  Thanks for your help and for stopping by.  Cheers . . . and onto the next adventure!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving At A Snail's Pace

Here's the latest progress shot.  I didn't do much work today on it -- have a head cold, but at least it's not the flu (knock on wood!!).  So this is all you'll get for today -- I'm about to go close my eyes with a hot bean bag on my head.  Stay healthy out there!  And thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Two New Workshops!

Happy Monday to you all!  

I just wanted to share with you, two workshops that I'll be conducting at the end of January. The first one is at the Concord Art Association in Concord, MA (explanation below). In case you are in the area, are an artist, read blogs, but just haven't yet taken the plunge yourself into blogging or creating an online presence and would like to, please come and join us in learning how to set up a blog. I will be sharing all I know with regards to re-sizing images, and the free, online sources for doing so, simple design principles for web and print, setting up a free blog on blogger, and other inexpensive or free, thought-provoking ways for baby-stepping your way into creating a brand and online presence.

The second workshop is a 5-week class at my studio for people who would like to learn how to paint with watercolors. This class will walk you through my process for painting. You can click on the "workshops" link on the navigation bar above for more information.

While the internet presents artists with many opportunities for selling art, connecting with other artists, and providing inspiration, it can also be a very intimidating process. In this workshop we will eliminate your apprehension by presenting practical ways for artists to connect with potential customers and other artists through blogging, online art-groups and Facebook. Bring your laptop with a few digital images of your art and learn simple rules to create a well-designed, easy-to-navigate blog and online gallery so that purchasing your art is only a click away! 

One Day Workshop
Saturday, January 26
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Concord Art Association -- 37 Lexington Road, Concord, MA  01742
$125 (members)   $175 (non-member)

To register please call 978-369-2578, email or register online at

"Steam Heat"
6" x 6"
Five-week Workshop
Monday nights 7:00 - 8:30 pm
West Brookfield
January 28, Feb 4, 1, 18 & 25, 2013
$135 per student

More information regarding this workshop can be found by clicking on "workshops" on the navigation bar above.

To register, email me at
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Baskets Are Hard

Here are a couple shots of a painting I'm working on.  The second one has a mask on some of the reed, that's why it looks so weird.  I painted some underlying washes first, as you can see in the first painting, but then went back masked out one of the legs and parts of the basket to add some darker tones.  I have no idea what the heck paper I'm working on -- I thought it was a Fabriano hard-press -- but I'm not so sure.  It's not really allowing me to lift like it usually does - although I did manage to get some of that pigment off the wall before I neutralized it.  Perhaps though because it is a heavier stock than what I usually use -- I think it's 300lb.  That probably makes a difference.  Anyway -- I don't like it.  And also, like the title of this post reads:  baskets are hard!  Actually they're freakin' hard -- pardon my language.  I don't much like them either right now.  I am a little in a bad mood, in case you can't tell . . . but I will keep pluggin' along, so watch for my next post.  And I promise I will be back to my delightful self again!  HA!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Circus Is In Town

"Circus Elephant"
8" x 10"
watercolor on aquabord 

(what this painting could look like framed)

I was so tired after Christmas and New Year's that I decided to take the week off from painting and blogging. I think I needed a little vacation. So while this post is going to be a little short I assure you, I'm ready to get back at it! So here's my first painting of 2013. I put in a few more details and finished this up today. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!