Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rainbow Sprinkles

"Rainbow Sprinkles"
5" x 5"
watercolor on aquabord

I was in a bakery recently and couldn't resist purchasing this cupcake to try my hand at painting it . . . ok, ok . . . AND I was hungry for something sweet. While the cupcake made it home for its photoshoot, unfortunately the raspberry turnover wasn't so lucky and met its demise in the parking lot!  :)

Thank you for viewing my work.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daffodils For June

"Daffodils for June"
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

For many years in a row, my friend June would go out and about in her town and plant daffodil bulbs in the fall so that in the spring people would be greeted by the happy blooms sprouting up all over the sides of the country roads. "It just puts people in a good mood," she'd say. And June loves to be put "in a good mood" . . . but what's even better, is it doesn't take much to get her there. She'll often call me up and say something like "hey Kara . . . I just saw a beautiful, old-fashioned phone booth for sale on the side of the road on the way back from NH and it just put me in a good mood!")

Anyway . . . June has a lovely little cookie shop and is putting together some Easter baskets and wanted a daffodil painting that could be made into a little gift tag, hence "Daffodils for June" was born. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day!  

P.S. - I can't wait to see June's daffodils this year . . . they've multiplied over the years and it really is a wonderful treat!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Out On A Limb

"In Line At The Theatre"
11" x 14"
(watercolor on cradled aquabord)

Remember when I started this? Does your memory even go back that far? Well I "went out on a limb" and decided to enter it into a local show so I finally finished it up. I know . . . it's a little out there. I have no idea what to expect, so we'll see what the judges think. I'm going in with very low expectations. All that being said . . . my Little People interest has been renewed and I'm hoping to get the others ones in this series finished up so I can proceed with my original goal -- submitting them for jury at a Boston hospital exhibit. They make me smile almost as much as those crazy dogs in their Christmas costumes!  

(Sorry about the poor image quality . . . but I was scrambling to meet the deadline -- see my previous post.)  :)

Thanks for checking in.  Have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Basket Awaits

"A Basket Awaits"
14" x 11"
(watercolor on cradled aquabord)

I finished "A Basket Awaits" over the weekend and entered it into a local juried show. We'll see if it makes it in -- you just never know. I decided to enter this painting over some other ones that I've recently completed because it didn't need to be framed as it's on a cradled panel. You'd think by now I'd know what shows were coming up and have my act together, but for some reason I still get blind-sided; scrambling around last minute. Not all the time . . . but this time, definitely. And thus not having to mat and frame helped a lot. :)

Anyway . . . thanks for stopping by and viewing my work. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gold Nugget Afternoon

"Gold Nugget Afternoon"
7" x 5"
(watercolor on aquabord)

(what this painting could look like framed)

Last summer I spent a lovely day with my friend kayaking and touring her beautiful property, Gold Nugget Farm, where she boards horses (and the occasional snake -- yeow!). I ended up snapping lots of photos, but until now hadn't painted any.  So if you see this blog post, Lee-Lee -- thank you!  :)

Thank you for viewing my work and have a great weekend!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress On The Basket

(watercolor on cradled aquabord)
16" x 20"



I managed to do some more work on this one.  Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barn Window

"Barn Window"
5" x 7"
(watercolor on aquabord)

Last November while I was out and about snapping pictures in Petersham with my friend, I took this photo. I was taken by the weathered wood and simple yet strong design of the composition. Weathered barns have such personality and history and this one is no exception. In some way, this painting will always remind me of home.  I hope you like it.  Thank you for viewing my work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

McReavey's and Student Work

McReavey's Barn
6" x 8"
(watercolor on cradled aquabord)
starting bid:  $95

stained sides -- ready to hang or display

I did a little bit of tweaking today and put McReavey's up for auction on DPW.  I also did some more work on the basket, but far too little to photograph and post.  I'll be sure to do that tomorrow.

But in other news, we just finished week 3 of my 5 week watercolor workshop here at my studio and my students are well on their way to finishing up some wonderful paintings (as you can see below).  I'm already planning my next workshop . . . it will be something on aquabord.  So stay tuned and if you're interested in attending, keep checking my workshop link at the top of the page for when I post more information or please email me and I will send you out a notice when I firm up my plans.

Aren't these wonderful?  I'm so proud of my students!  Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

McReavey's Barn

"McReavey's Barn"
6" x 8"
(watercolor on cradled aquabord)

I took a break from the basket painting today and did this little painting instead.  I'll post progress on the basket painting soon.  I need to finish it by the end of the week because I just committed it for jury at a local show.  Ha!  I hope it comes out well.  :)  But it is also on cradled aquabord so I don't have to frame it as it's all ready to hang . . . definitely a good thing when you're in a pinch.  

Anyway -- this little ditty is of a barn up my street.  I had fun with it.  I'll check it out in the daylight, see if there's anything amiss and then put it up for auction on DPW.  I'll be sure to take another picture of the whole thing so you can see how it's like a little box, all ready to hang.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Painting!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being Hopeful

"Hydrangea II"
8" x 8"
(watercolor on aquabord)

I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer flowers and thought I'd repost this hydrangea painting I did last year.  I've also included the progress shots below.  Thank you for popping on by and be sure to THINK SPRING!  :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autumn Studio

"Autumn Studio"
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

(what this painting could look like framed)

Click here to bid.

I took a little break from painting the basket and in did this little painting.  Wouldn't this make the most charming studio?  I think it's just an empty out building, but it was so delightful I knew I had to capture those lovely shadows in watercolor!  The little "house" is in Petersham, MA down a side street in the center of town, in case you're ever in the area.  :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Building A Painting - Morning Sun

"Morning Sun"
17.5" x 24"
(watercolor on Fabriano soft-pressed paper)

Click here to purchase.

I just finished this today and thought I'd post. Oh and I've started another basket! Call me "crazy" -- but this time it's on aquabord so we'll see how it goes. I must say, I'm already having a better time with it. Thanks for stopping by.  Cheers!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Building A Painting (part 4)

Well, I'm in the homestretch.  I can't tell you how many times I painted, then erased, then painted, then erased, etc. that cloth!  I think it's done now -- yeesh.  I believe the quilted pattern solves the problem of your eye being led off the page at the top with the branches that are coming out of the jug. I think my eye keeps bouncing around -- but finally settles on the jug or maybe those branches . . . oh good grief . . . who knows?! Am I really supposed to know these things? Probably . . . but sometimes I just don't.  :) Anyway . . . a few more details to attend to and then she's done! Have a good day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Building A Painting (part 3)

Big changes for this painting. It was looking far too plain in that there was too much space between the jug and the window so I needed to do something to add more interest, hence the pussywillows. Although now I'm a little afraid the ones coming out of the jug lead your eye out of the painting . . . sigh. The empty space wasn't as prominent in the computer images, but in person, because of the scale of this painting it really wasn't working and I had to do something. 

I've actually made even some more changes since this version, but need to work some of those out. In person, the cupboard is too cool -- kind of purple and just isn't working, so I lightened it up which shows great texture on the antique, but now need to adjust its value again and I'm hoping to get a warmer tone more in keeping with the rest of the painting. Right now it's too jarring. I also will need to adjust some values between the cloth and the cupboard -- I ended up getting too dark with the cloth. I'm pleased with the window at this point and think that's probably done. Today will be a big day for this . . . I'm excited to get started . . . it's in that uncomfortable stage where there are lots of mistakes that need adjusting. Hopefully I can get it to a completed state that works! Have a good day and thank you for stopping by.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Building A Painting (part 1)

So while the snow flies here in Massachusetts, I thought you might like to see what I'm working on. The overall dimensions of this painting are 17.5" x 24" -- much larger than I normally work. We'll see how it goes. Have a good day and thank you for taking a peek. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

(what this painting could look like framed)

I finished this painting this morning . . . just in time for a winter pummeling!  Ha!  I must admit -- I got VERY frustrated with it, and actually started a new one yesterday afternoon.  I'm not really a "flower" painter -- and have a LOT to learn.  I don't know how Arena Shawn and Jacqueline Gnott and all you other flower painters do it.  It's not easy.  But I digress . . . I eventually decided to finish up the painting I had started.  I'm going to give it a gloss finish that I think will suit it.  I also wanted to show you what it could look like in a frame as I think it makes a huge difference.  Anyway . . . that's all . . . and to all my blogging friends in the Northeast -- be safe and drink some cocoa.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Moment's Rest

"A Moment's Rest"
13" x 10.5"
(watercolor on Fabriano hot pressed paper- 300 lb.)

Click here for a closer look, or to purchase.

A while back I posted an "almost done" image of this painting, here and on Facebook, and asked for your help regarding names.  I got a few responses -- all were really good and very helpful.  I decided on "A Moment's Rest" -- a suggestion from my friend June.  I thought it captured the serenity of the image while offering a story for the viewer to fill in.  I've decided to put all the suggestions/names in a hat and pull out one winner who will receive a small gift.  If you didn't get a chance to offer a name for this painting, don't worry . . . I spent some time yesterday preparing new paintings and will be asking for your help again.

Another little tidbit . . . I had a wonderful time a couple weeks ago presenting a workshop on blogging at the Concord Art Association.  I think the day was a success . . . I know I had a good time and enjoyed meeting some very nice and talented people.  I had very eager students who added to a great discussion on art, blogging and online marketing.  So if you attended the class and are reading this -- THANK YOU for a great day!  :)

Finally . . . I'm working on two little paintings that I'll be posting in the next couple days.  Below is one in progress.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to Spring?  Also, on Monday we had the first class of a 5-week watercolor workshop I'm teaching here at my studio and it was a blast!!  I'm already looking forward to next Monday and seeing what everyone produces.  So far we have four beautiful preliminary washes!  It really is very exciting. 

"Springtime" - wip
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

Thank you for stopping by . . . and happy painting!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What A January!!

"Oh Boy . . . Christmas is Coming!"
8" x 10"
watercolor on aquabord

I'm happy to report that January is officially over and hopeful that it has taken all the germs with it!  Good grief!  For those of you who follow this blog, you may have noticed my absence last week.  Well right after I finished this commission and taught a 5-hour workshop at the Concord Art Association I came down with the stomach bug.  Nothing like chasing a headcold with good virus.  Oy!  Every few years it seems I get knocked for a loop and I guess this is just one of those years. 

Anyway . . . I'm finally back in business so here's the finished product of the Christmas dogs.  They really do put a smile on your face, don't they?  :)  And I'm happy to report the painting was very well-received by the doggies' owners -- it was a birthday gift from my friend to his wife and she was very surprised.  So now I've got lots of catching up to do in the studio if I want to get back on track with some of my 2013 goals . . . ahhhh life really is an adventure, eh?  Stay healthy out there -- it's a jungle of germs!  Ciao for now.