Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Still Here

"Tulip II" (in progress)
(approximately) 6" x 9"

I think for me, posting my "Works In Progress" sometimes is the kiss of death for them! But I wanted to prove I haven't been slacking in the studio. I've been finishing up a commission, but also framing some pieces for upcoming juried shows and starting new things to juggle. "Tulip II" is from a photograph posted on the Paint And Draw Together website . . . as is "Classic Tomatoes." (Check that site out if you never have -- I find it very inspiring -- whether you paint from one of their photos and post, or get ideas on how to photograph or approach your own still lifes).

Anyway . . . although I haven't done anything new to the "chair with the quilt on it" or the "Church Street Barns" paintings I thought I'd post them so that I'd feel a little pressure to finish them up in the next couple weeks.  The "pitcher with the flowers and quilt" painting is about 16" x 16" and a new one I just started. So I guess that's about it folks. Enjoy your day -- and keep painting!


"Classic Tomatoes"

"Church Street Barns"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Writer's Block" -- Finished

"Writer's Block"
6" x 12"

(what this painting could look like framed)
Starting bid:  $75 -- Click here to bid.

I tweaked this a bit this morning and now I'm satisfied.  Thanks for looking and have a good day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

DPW Challenge - Almost Done!

"Writer's Block" (WIP)
6" x 12"

Just finishing up this painting for the Daily Paintworks Challenge and thought I would share. I haven't done one in a while. (I actually have a stale donut waiting to be painted. But don't worry, I only bought it Wednesday -- not last week! And I purposely waited for it to go stale so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it!)  Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sold and up for Sale . . .

"The White Barn"

"Pumpkin Shadows"
9.5" x 9.5"
(framed outer dimensions: 15.5" x 15.5")

I was pleased today when I picked up artwork that had been showing at the Jaffrey Civic Center to find out that "The White Barn" was sold. "Pumpkin Shadows" was also on display. It is framed as it's shown here, except the frame is a lighter, warmer brown. Enjoy this spring weather while we have it. The good news is while it's still a bit early for this type of warmth here in the Northeast, we can rest assured that it's coming. Cheers!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Mild Winter

"A Mild Winter"
6" x 8"

Just finished. I think I may have put the wrong size down on the previous post of this painting. I ordered a frame for it yesterday when I put in an order for a couple other pieces that I'll be putting into shows. I just really wanted to see this framed. So when I get that done, I'll re-post and that's when I'll put it up for sale. Hope you like it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monson Arts Council Spring Show 2012

The Monson Arts Council Spring Show is up and it looks terrific. It is only open on the weekends, but if you are in the area, do try and check it out. There are some very clever works included in this year's show. They also have an online gallery of the show for those of you who are too far away to attend.  

I was happy to discover that my good friend Bill Simons won 1st Prize for his 3-D Multimedia Piece "The Curse is Broken . . . Imagine That!" and my other good friend, Cheryl Adams,' intaglio print "Attitude" is already sold! (although it's not yet marked online -- so if you're interested in purchasing, do still inquire) (oh . . . and I'd put a link to her blog or website but she doesn't have one . . . yet. That's just me being fresh and checking to see if she reads my blog, heh-heh!)

Lastly, I was happy to see that my painting "American Summer" won an Honorable Mention. I felt very lucky as there were MANY paintings that also deserved recognition. (For those of you who have entered juried shows before, you know how it goes . . . you just never know.) Anyway . . . my painting is for sale, along with "White Light" through the Monson Arts Council if you are interested in purchasing either. Hope you all had a deeeelightful St. Patrick's Day yesterday. May the wind be always at your back . . . 

Friday, March 16, 2012

ADD Artist

"A Mild Winter" (in progress)
(approximately) 8" x 10"

Ok . . . is anyone else completely all over the place, attention-wise, that is? I mean, I paint a few quiet still lifes, then an interior maybe, a floral next of course . . . then follow that up with an off-the-wall "Fisher Price" painting, then how about a landscape?! What's up with that? At least I guess, I'm sticking with the watercolor; I used to jump around from medium to medium! Although after that last art demonstration I attended (which I still need to blog about; I promise you I haven't forgotten) I left thinking "hmmmm . . . huge, slightly abstracted floral still lifes in acrylic . . . now that would be very exciting!" What kind of crazy artist am I? Is there a clinical name to what I have? Can you find it in the DSM IV?

Anyway . . . here's my latest WIP . . . it's moving along but definitely needs more work. I'm not very good at landscapes -- I have a really hard time editing. My neurotic nature lends itself well to the close up still life, especially when patterns or patinas are involved. Not that they always work out, but I'm just crazy enough to get all excited trying! So when there are individual blades of grass to tackle and millions of branches to deal with, my mind gets all nutty -- like it's having a fight with itself -- how much do I actually attempt to paint? I like detail, but COME ON . . . I know I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy. What techniques and colors should I use just to create the illusion of woods in the distance? So many decisions to make. I like landscapes, so hopefully I will get better at editing and will learn how to use the watercolor to my advantage. That way, I won't have to spend 700 hours painting every blade of grass . . . and will have plenty of time to move onto the next genre.  :)

Happy Painting!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


"First Day of School (Nostalgia I)"
5" x 6"

I needed to paint something light yesterday because I spent all day Tuesday worried sick, searching for my two dogs. Ugh! They apparently escaped our fenced-in yard around 10am, and didn't turn up until around 6pm when they were spotted a few miles from home.  Thanks to the help of our wonderful neighbor, the police, dog officer and other friends they are now safe and sound again. Anyway, we are busy re-thinking our yard, turning toward Sing-Sing for inspiration.  :)

So after all that drama, I felt like painting something goofy with a touch of humor.  My brother and I loved Fisher Price Little People when we were kids (and I still do!), so what better subject? And this could've been a portrait of us, except that I don't have red hair, he's not bald and thankfully I don't have a unibrow. (what's up with that?!) All in all, this was fun to do and if I had kids, I would definitely decorate their room in a Fisher Price theme! Such good stuff, eh?!  

Saturday, March 10, 2012


"Bittersweet Door"
9" x 11"

I recently received word that "Bittersweet Door" was juried into the New England Watercolor Society's (NEWS) 13th Biennial Open Show.  This year's show is being held at the Attleboro Arts Museum in Attleboro, MA, April 19th - May 12th.  If you are in the area, check it out . . . it's always a really terrific show.

As for my absence this past week . . . I spent most of the week getting our taxes ready for the accountant, re-organizing my business records and working on my resume and artist statement. What probably should have taken me 1/2 the time, actually doubled as I am a neurotic, obsessive compulsive nerd! Can I even say how much I love Staples? I have always had a love affair with office supplies and forms. So while the work was tedious, I must admit I loved making all new forms, streamlining my records while spread-sheeting, hole-punching, and three-ring binding everything to my heart's content! How sick is that? I did take a time-out on Wednesday though, to attend a demonstration at the Concord Art Association. SO INSPIRING!  However, I will have to blog about it tomorrow as I just got back from a birthday luncheon for my "little" brother who just turned 40 and now am only in the mood to lie on the couch and veg after eating the world's largest hamburger. However for your enjoyment here's a little video from this afternoon's party.  

Ok, so maybe I lied.  But this clip from Arrested Development just kills me!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Couldn't Resist

(6" x 6")

(what this painting could look like framed)

On Fridays I teach watercolor classes and one of my students brought some tulips in to work on.  I don't normally paint florals (if you'd like to look at some AMAZING ones do check out fellow bloggers Jacqueline Gnott and Arena Shawn's galleries) but I gave it a whirl anyway.  It was a fun departure for me.  Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Monday Morning" On A Friday Morning

"Monday Morning"
approximately 8.5" x 12"

(what this painting could look like framed)

I finished this last night.  I'll be teaching today and hopefully finishing up another little candy one.  (That's my teaser).  :)  Have a good day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Simple Pleasure

"A Simple Pleasure"
6" x 6"

(what this painting could look like framed)

For more information or to place a bid, click here.