Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Bits of Summer

"Black-eyed Susans"
(image size:  4.5" x 6")
just an example of what this could look like framed

I changed the cropping on this and like it so much better.  The "virtual frame" above is just an example of what this could look like with a double mat and frame.  For a close-up of this painting you can click above to be taken to it's auction page over at the Daily Paintworks site.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grandmother's Pillow

"Grandmother's Pillow"
10" x 12"

example of possible framing

So I think I'm finished, but I'm going to let it set for a spell.  You never know what you might see after a day or two.  Overall though, I'm pleased and looking forward to sharing this with my grandmother.  I think she'll be tickled.  I'm not putting it up for sale yet as I want to get it over to my printer for giclee reproductions.  (But I'll post it again when it goes up for sale).  In the meantime I'll be working on some new paintings and finishing up the ones I posted yesterday.  I'll also be cleaning my studio (I've got the Backroads Studio Tour coming up -- yeeeow!) and this place is a disaster.  I need to get into my basement storage area too - horribly disorganized.  So if I don't post again by Tuesday, call in the National Guard, I may have been swallowed up by the mess!  Have a good weekend ya'll!  :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Study and New Paintings

"Porch Pumpkins" (a study)
6" x 9.5"

"Black-eyed Susans" (in progress)
6" x 6"

"Grandmother's Pillow" (in progress)
10" x 12"

I really haven't been slacking all week, but have been working on a few paintings and sketches.  The first painting is a small study I did for a larger painting.  I've started the big one, but I'm HATING the paper.  A friend of mine gave me a couple sheets of Arches Rough that she had bought years ago.  I don't normally use rough, but I thought it would be good for the texture of the boards.  Well, I don't know if the paper is too old or maybe it's just one of the qualities of "rough" but it's not allowing for any lifting of color at all and it's doing some weird bleeding.  It's horrible.  The study was done on some illustration board I had . . . which was supposed to be cold pressed watercolor board, but apparently wasn't, and so it's not as sharp as I'd like it, but I worked out some things that I needed to anyway.  More importantly, here's the good news . . . my Jerry's Artarama order came in today with oodles of paper and boards that I ordered, so I'm looking forward to restarting "Porch Pumpkins" and lifting to my heart's content.  (Don't you just love when art supply orders come in?  It's like Christmas!)

And the other two paintings are just about done.  Just some more tweaking, nothing major.  The images here, aren't of great quality . . . I didn't fuss with the colors too much and it's dark and rainy here but they give you the idea.

Anyhow -- Happy Friday, Happy Painting and have a good weekend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


"West Road Barns"

Oops . . . I was trying to edit the previous post of this painting, to mark it as sold and unfortunately I deleted it -- gaaahhh!  So here it is again, but without the rambling commentary.  :)


5.75" x 7"

Not the most original title, eh?  I have a few paintings going . . . this is the first one I finished.  It's just a little study.  Practice, practice, practice!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coffee Pot Continued

6" x 6"

I haven't put this one up for auction, but if you're interested in purchasing it, or would like to take a closer look you can click on the link above.  It will take you to my online gallery where you can click on this image and zoom into it or even purchase it if you'd like.  (You can also view my other paintings for sale or auction by clicking on the link above).  

Anyway . . . I liked the play of the positive and negative shapes with this composition and had fun painting the pattern of course.  Blue and white -- such a simple but lovely color combination I think.  I hope you like it . . . have a great day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Lawsuits Please

"Got Any Milk?"
6.7" x 8"

I threw in the word "any" in case the other phrase is trademarked - (but I would've preferred the other title better).  Anyhow,  I didn't want to take any chances -- I'm not altogether clear on the rules about that kind of stuff.  Besides, that's all I'd need . . . especially after all the fun I had pairing this delicious yet inexpensive familiar treat with the fancy plate and wallpaper.  I also like the way it looks with the "virtual" frame.  (You can check out the framed version by clicking on the link above -- don't worry you're not committing to anything - it just takes you to the auction page where you can get a closer look).   Again, I think the frame adds to the silly nature of the cookies placed in such a formal setting.  Kind of fun.

It's a bit overcast here, but still feeling summery - yippee!  Until I post again . . . have a good day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Up For Auction

image size:  6" x 6"

I finally got to putting this one up for auction.  It doesn't come matted and framed, but with a foamcore backing and wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve.  This, however, is what it could look like.   

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  Mine was pretty busy, but very fun.  Have a good week.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Paint Your Pig Challenge

"Tin Pig"
6" x 6"

Click here to bid

This week's DPW Challenge is to "Paint Your Pig."  So I gathered the tin pig who's usually perched atop our living room entertainment cupboard and searched around the house for a proper composition.  The bidding on this starts at $50.  You can get a closer look by clicking on the link above and also see what it could look like framed.

I received word recently that Carol and David Marine (the folks who developed the Daily Paintworks site) have lost their home in one of the massive fires down in Texas.  So sad . . . but thankfully their family is safe. So please keep them and all the folks down there, in your thoughts and prayers.  A fundraiser has been set up to help the Marine's out and you can reach that site by clicking here if you're interested.

Have a good weekend and let's pray for some relief for Texas.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Amigos

6" x 6"

Email me if you'd like to purchase.

I just finished this little ditty.  I haven't put it up on the DPW site yet, but if you're interested in purchasing it, you can email me by clicking the above link.  I accept check or PayPal.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ma's Chair

"Ma's Chair"
6" x 6"

Here's the latest . . . this one was really fun.  I got to play with pattern while enjoying the quiet, subdued qualities I also enjoy.  This one gives me a warm feeling. I named it in honor of my mother's grandmother and my husband's mom - both are referred to as "Ma."  Hope you enjoy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

For Jack, Janet and Chrissy . . .

"Three's Company"
6" x 6"

Those of you old enough, you will understand the title of this post given the title of this painting.  :)  I had to do just one more of these paintings -  I really dig painting blueberries.  (did I just say "dig?"  -- Good Lord -- I must think I'm Johnny Bravo or something!)  This has apparently become my "retro-tv" post.  Anyhoo . . . have a deeelightful week!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Grown On Me . . .

"Coffee Pot Abstract"
image:  6" x 6"

Click here to bid

So I'm a blogging fool tonight.  I guess I could've put all this stuff into one post, but I didn't . . . oh well. This painting has sort of grown on me throughout the day and so I decided to put it up for auction.  The above image demonstrates what it could look like all matted up and framed, but this doesn't come matted or framed.  Anyhoo . . . that's all . . . and I promise I'm done for tonight . . . sweet dreams!  :)

Just So You Know . . .

"Coffee Pot Abstract"
6" x 6"

Coffee Pot Study
7" x 8"

Just so you know . . . to prove that I haven't really been slacking, here are the two paintings I've been toying with for the past couple days.  The jury is still out on them both as far as I'm concerned.  I was able to manipulate the paint a little better on "Coffee Pot Abstract" but I think the cropping is a little too severe for my liking.  I mean will people even know what the heck it is?!  Hence the title.  :)

I find the second too muddy.  I'm really not that thrilled with it -- especially the wallpaper.  I worked on a cold press paper for this one and I think I'd have done better on hot-pressed.  For some reason I tend to prefer the slicker papers.  Weird.  

Anyway . . . I haven't decided what I'm going to do with these two.  I'll let you know if I put them up for sale.  I don't feel that they're my best work, but then again, someone might really like them, and who am I to tell them what they should or shouldn't like, eh?  I think Cary Grant thought that "Arsenic & Old Lace" was his worst performance -- and I simply adore him in that!  (of course he could star in just about anything and I'd still adore him.)  Aaaahhhh . . . Cary Grant.  But I digress . . . 

I'm hoping to get out of this funky painting spell, so bare with me.  Until then -- keep pluggin'!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


"Tranquility in Blue and Gold"
(image:  9.5" x 12";  frame:  16" x 18")

Click here to bid

I've been anxious all week . . . I've had some things come up that have prevented me from finishing up any paintings and it's driving me nuts!  So I am posting this painting I completed over the winter.  I put it up for auction over at the Daily Paintworks site so you can click on the link above if you're interested in seeing it up close.  

So I know I mentioned that I would have another "blue" painting for you.  This is going to have to suffice for now, as I had to abort the one I began yesterday.  Yeesh!  I just wasn't "feeling the love" today.  Very frustrating.  So I spent a long time today messing around with new arrangements --  composing and photographing them.  Unfortunately nothing was really striking me but I did finally manage to start a totally new painting - new color scheme and pattern.  It needs a lot more contrast at this point, but I think I'll be able to finish it up sometime tomorrow.  So look for a new post this weekend.  In the meantime -- Happy Painting!