Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall Open Studio

Well hello again. So I never really got things going on my new blog location. I can't seem to figure things out . . . I'm not feeling too tech savvy these days. And besides, blogger has just been so easy to manage. So I guess I will not be leaving any time soon and thus, I will try to update this blog like I used to. I really kind of just gave up after I mentioned that I'd be moving. And besides, it wasn't too easy to update from my phone! What's up with that?

So anyhoo . . . I'm hosting my annual Fall Open Studio on October 20th and 21st. If you are local, I hope you will stop by. Lots of new paintings . . . I'll be posting them here in the weeks to come.


  1. This works just fine and you've done a great job and making the blog "match" your website! Well done! Are you able to post on blogger from your phone easily? I never found anything that worked well. Good luck on your event!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Marcela. I've never found out how to post from my phone. And as my late response to your lovely comment illustrates, I am still in a quandary as to how to proceed with this blogging thing. I want to be able to transfer my followers to a new site, as it's a little easier for me . . . but I can't figure out how. Keeping up with social media and tech stuff is a full time job all its own! Sigh. :)


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