Wednesday, February 5, 2014


watercolor on aquabord

I'm so close to finishing, I can taste it!  As the snow came down, I worked on the little flowers to the left (I have no idea what those are even called -- shame on me!)  and more of the glass today. For me, it takes lots of putting down pigment and then picking it back up to achieve a somewhat realistic look to the glass.  In some places I'm done and it's working, in others, I still have work to do. I also fiddled some with the background, mainly to play with value. In fact I should mention that this photo is kind of weird -- I think the background is more neutral in real life.  It's dark now in my studio and I had to take the photo without natural light, so the colors are off a bit -- maybe a little too saturated, especially the pinky/purple background.  I'll take a better picture tomorrow.  Maybe by then it will be done -- I certainly hope so. Thank you for taking peek, have a good night!

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