Tuesday, February 25, 2014


8" x 8"
watercolor on aquabord 

I took a little time out over the weekend and Monday to finish "Louis."  He belongs to a dear friend and student of mine.  He's just as sweet as he looks.  

Now back to bottles and lanterns. Have a lovely day.


  1. He is wonderful. I love his eyes. Isn't aquabord fun? I am currently finishing up a waterlily painting on aquabord.

  2. Hi, Kara!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on DPW - you're too kind. :)
    Ok, this here dog painting? Incredible! I'm just drooling! You know sometimes you see work that you admire and think, 'Aha! I couldn't do that, but I think I know how they did it.' Well, I mean, I just have no clue how you do this! That's just so cool! :) I love seeing what you come up with next! Oh, and the light in 'Parlor afternoon' - just stunning. One of my absolute faves. And the lantern! Can't wait to see it completed! Oh, I love it all!
    Hope all is well - sorry about all the gushing - it's been building up for a while. ;)

  3. Kara, your dog paintings just melt my heart! They are truly stunning!


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