Monday, December 31, 2012

Done, Thank You, & Happy New Year!

8"x 8"
(watercolor on aquabord)

Well, "Meaghan" is complete. This is my second portrait and my first on aquabord. I'm very excited to give this to my friend. I'll be sealing it today and framing it.  I can't wait to give it to her.  :)  I had a lot of fun . . . all that hair . . . so exciting for an obsessive compulsive personality like mine.  Ha!  

I also must thank you all who visit my blog. Blogging has completely changed my life:  the way I paint . . . and truth be told, the fact that I paint. I originally began this blog as a way to stay disciplined.  I know myself and I can very easily fall into unproductive periods that linger but blogging has kept me on track. I began it to remain focused.  I thought that even if no one followed me, I could imagine that someone might, and just that little bit of pressure would keep me moving in the right direction. But this has turned into so much more. I have met so many wonderful people -- artists, collectors and art enthusiasts who have been so kind and generous to me. Your encouragement and assistance have helped me meet goals I had never even considered when I first started this journey. Blogging has given me so much more than what I ever could have imagined or repay and I have you all to thank. So when you're toasting in the New Year tonight, be sure to raise your glass and toast yourselves on my behalf. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  1. Beautiful skin tone and that hair. It was interesting seeing the previous posts on the progression. I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.....thanks for all your inspiration throughout the year....all the best to you.

  2. Grossartige Arbeit mit dem Licht. Ich bin begeistert.
    Grüsse Dich

  3. I love the color of her hair and details. She is darling! I always enjoy seeing how you work and learn from you, thank you for sharing all this information. I wish you a prosperous and creative 2013!

  4. Me encanta el retrato de la pequeña.
    Me permiti la osadia de darme un paseo por tu pagina, la cual me ha encantado, ademas de enseñarme muchas cosas.
    Mi enhorabuena por todo.


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