Monday, December 3, 2012

Backyard Sunlight

"Backyard Sunlight"
12" x 12"
(watercolor on Fabriano soft-pressed paper)

I think I'm finished with this painting now.  I spent the past couple days playing around with some of the shadows and highlights, but I'm done with all the fussing (I think!).  :)  Sometimes it's hard to be done.  Incidentally, my painting, "American Interior" is the room beyond the window in this painting.  See if you can identify what the ornament is in the window.  (how's that for a tease?)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  I'm onto finishing up the "Circus Train" painting -- just a couple tweaks here and there -- and starting a Christmas commission.


  1. You always manage to take a painting beyond where I think it is finished. Kind of like when you clap before the symphony ends because you think it couldn't possibly contain more beauty than what your ears have already heard. But then it does and by the end of the concert your heart is in your throat and you are left with the incredibly realization of silence.

    1. And you always leave the kindest, most poetic comments. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. So very sweet of you, Jo! I hope you're doing well. I liked your paintings for the blue DPW challenge. I want to paint something for that one -- just have been busy with other projects. Maybe this week I can start something. Thank you again for your kind message.

  2. Your muted colors and delicate but strong washes are such a part of your signature. I love this painting Kara. :)

    1. Thanks so much Crystal. I've enjoyed looking at your oils. Even with a different media you still manage to paint a juicy, vibrant painting with energy and compassion.


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