Monday, December 17, 2012

Doggy Painting Update . . .

I'm working on lots of things -- paintings, daily chores, upcoming holiday stuff -- so this is going to be a short and sweet post.  Here's the progress on the dogs -- have a great day!  (how was that for short?! -- thanks for stopping by!)  


  1. Un travail extraordinaire... J'aime le regard doux de ces toutous !...
    Vous êtes très talentueuse, je suis admirative.

    Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes.

  2. Wat prachtig gedaan super werk hoor lieve groetjes Daniëlle

  3. It turned out very lovely... I admire your ability of capturing their expression so vividly, and doing all the fur texture without the painting looking too busy! Looking forward for the next update...


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