Friday, September 23, 2011

Study and New Paintings

"Porch Pumpkins" (a study)
6" x 9.5"

"Black-eyed Susans" (in progress)
6" x 6"

"Grandmother's Pillow" (in progress)
10" x 12"

I really haven't been slacking all week, but have been working on a few paintings and sketches.  The first painting is a small study I did for a larger painting.  I've started the big one, but I'm HATING the paper.  A friend of mine gave me a couple sheets of Arches Rough that she had bought years ago.  I don't normally use rough, but I thought it would be good for the texture of the boards.  Well, I don't know if the paper is too old or maybe it's just one of the qualities of "rough" but it's not allowing for any lifting of color at all and it's doing some weird bleeding.  It's horrible.  The study was done on some illustration board I had . . . which was supposed to be cold pressed watercolor board, but apparently wasn't, and so it's not as sharp as I'd like it, but I worked out some things that I needed to anyway.  More importantly, here's the good news . . . my Jerry's Artarama order came in today with oodles of paper and boards that I ordered, so I'm looking forward to restarting "Porch Pumpkins" and lifting to my heart's content.  (Don't you just love when art supply orders come in?  It's like Christmas!)

And the other two paintings are just about done.  Just some more tweaking, nothing major.  The images here, aren't of great quality . . . I didn't fuss with the colors too much and it's dark and rainy here but they give you the idea.

Anyhow -- Happy Friday, Happy Painting and have a good weekend.


  1. Three really beautiful paintings! Each one is so different. I'm sorry you had trouble with the paper, but I can't tell that from the finished paintings. I like the composition of each one. The reflection of the tree in the window of "Porch Pumpkins" is very nice. I like the subdued colors with the pop of orange. Love everything about "Black Eyed Susans", especially the shadow.
    And I like the neutrals in "Grandmother's Pillow", which really make the reds look gorgeous. There's lots more I could say about them all!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Virginia. I laughed when you wrote you liked the reflection of the tree. My dad came by yesterday and I showed him that painting and he wanted to know why there was a tree in the house! Hello! Even though I know I can't take my dad's opinions to heart (his idea of art is well . . . very different from mine) . . . he did give me reason for pause. So you don't know how much I appreciate your comment! I'll be sending it to my dad. :) Have a good day.


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