Monday, September 5, 2011

For Jack, Janet and Chrissy . . .

"Three's Company"
6" x 6"

Those of you old enough, you will understand the title of this post given the title of this painting.  :)  I had to do just one more of these paintings -  I really dig painting blueberries.  (did I just say "dig?"  -- Good Lord -- I must think I'm Johnny Bravo or something!)  This has apparently become my "retro-tv" post.  Anyhoo . . . have a deeelightful week!


  1. Threes company! Love that show! Great title for a great painting.

  2. Thanks Maria . . . I haven't seen that show in such a long time, but there's an episode that my sister-in-law references that I need to see again. It just cracks her up! :)

  3. Ha - Your post made me laugh! Guess that means I must be old ;-) Haven't thought about that show in ages. Lovely painting - wonderful blueberries!

  4. Love it!! Your painting and post put a smile on my face:) Think I'll have to catch some re-runs on TV Land.

  5. Thank you Debbie and Carrie. It kind of cracked me up too.


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