Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just So You Know . . .

"Coffee Pot Abstract"
6" x 6"

Coffee Pot Study
7" x 8"

Just so you know . . . to prove that I haven't really been slacking, here are the two paintings I've been toying with for the past couple days.  The jury is still out on them both as far as I'm concerned.  I was able to manipulate the paint a little better on "Coffee Pot Abstract" but I think the cropping is a little too severe for my liking.  I mean will people even know what the heck it is?!  Hence the title.  :)

I find the second too muddy.  I'm really not that thrilled with it -- especially the wallpaper.  I worked on a cold press paper for this one and I think I'd have done better on hot-pressed.  For some reason I tend to prefer the slicker papers.  Weird.  

Anyway . . . I haven't decided what I'm going to do with these two.  I'll let you know if I put them up for sale.  I don't feel that they're my best work, but then again, someone might really like them, and who am I to tell them what they should or shouldn't like, eh?  I think Cary Grant thought that "Arsenic & Old Lace" was his worst performance -- and I simply adore him in that!  (of course he could star in just about anything and I'd still adore him.)  Aaaahhhh . . . Cary Grant.  But I digress . . . 

I'm hoping to get out of this funky painting spell, so bare with me.  Until then -- keep pluggin'!


  1. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. These paintings are beautiful, white can be really difficult and you've handled the shadows and colors wonderfully. And I love Arsenic and Old Lace too:)

  2. Thank you Carrie. I really appreciate your encouragement.


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