Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Lawsuits Please

"Got Any Milk?"
6.7" x 8"

I threw in the word "any" in case the other phrase is trademarked - (but I would've preferred the other title better).  Anyhow,  I didn't want to take any chances -- I'm not altogether clear on the rules about that kind of stuff.  Besides, that's all I'd need . . . especially after all the fun I had pairing this delicious yet inexpensive familiar treat with the fancy plate and wallpaper.  I also like the way it looks with the "virtual" frame.  (You can check out the framed version by clicking on the link above -- don't worry you're not committing to anything - it just takes you to the auction page where you can get a closer look).   Again, I think the frame adds to the silly nature of the cookies placed in such a formal setting.  Kind of fun.

It's a bit overcast here, but still feeling summery - yippee!  Until I post again . . . have a good day!

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