Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Work-In-Progress (2)
12" x 12"
watercolor on aquabord

I had a few paintings in the works before my dad took ill in the beginning of May and this is one of them. I began the drawing for this painting back in early May then started some loose little washes while visiting my dad in the hospital.  It had been put on hold along with the others, but last week I decided to do a little work on it and so I'm sharing my progress.

Work-In-Progress (1)
12" x 12"
watercolor on aquabord

I'll be bouncing around different paintings for the next couple months as I have some new commissions and older works to finish up.  I'm very excited about all my new projects and am looking forward to sharing them with you when I can.

On a personal note . . . my dad is doing very well.  He is still in rehab, but knock on wood, he's making remarkable progress.  At the end of this week we have a home visit with his therapists -- he will be coming to my house to live for a spell before he goes home.  I'm looking forward to having him here . . . maybe I can even get him to paint with me!  Ha!  :)

Thanks for dropping by.

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