Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Awesome" -- Take 2

"Awesome" (take 2)
6" x 6"
watercolor on paper

I was very excited and grateful to have sold my painting "Awesome" last week to a new collector.  Unfortunately, when I went to package it up for mailing I couldn't find it! How does that happen, you ask? A couple weeks ago, I re-organized my studio and I think it may have gotten caught up in some old scraps of color swatches and thrown out. I had happened to take this painting out of its packaging to scan and before I put it back I think it was put in the wrong pile. Ugh. In any event, I painted a new one (seen above) and luckily my collector liked the new one just as much. Thank you, MT.  :) And so now it is on its way to its "forever home."

However . . . because I got in the Valentine's Day candy groove again . . . I started this little ditty.  :)


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Toutes mes félicitations pour cette vente qui aurait pu mal tourner !!... J'imagine le coup au coeur que vous avez dû ressentir en vous apercevant que vous ne retrouviez plus votre oeuvre...
    Vous allez faire un heureux aussi... celui qui va trier la poubelle en quête de belles surprises !

    ❊ Gros bisous ❊

  2. Very nice. Like Your work.


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