Monday, June 2, 2014

Orange Wedgie

"Orange Wedge with Blueberries"
8" x 10"
watercolor on paper

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Finally finished my new painting.  :)  I'm hoping it will be a study for a larger painting. That's my plan anyway.  Incidentally -- I've recently been having trouble uploading my images to blogger, in that their colors change when they upload.  Grrr. My friend and fellow blogger, Arena Shawn, tipped me off, that I had the "auto enhance" button clicked on. It was something that Google automatically added to their features at some point.  Arena sent along a site that explains how to turn it off. So fellow bloggers, if this has been happening to you, click here to read how to fix it. The only hitch is that I had to become a Google+ member to fix it -- I don't know if there's another way. And I don't even know what Google+ is -- so this ought to be interesting. I may find myself deactivating that in a few days - good grief, Charlie Brown. In the meantime though, my images are uploading more accurately now.  "Me happy now!"  And thank you, Arena. :)

Anyway - - below is an idea of what this painting could look like framed. Noticed I cropped some white from the top -- a collector could frame it however he/she may prefer. I'm so dang accommodating!  :)

Have a nice day.

(what this painting could look like framed)


  1. I struggle with framing sometimes because the mat colors and frame style can make such a difference. You did a good job of complimenting the soothing coolness and clarity of your painting in the framing. It's perfect!

  2. Kara! The color difference when you upload it here is due to the "auto enhance" function adapted by blogger a couple of months ago. You can turn off this option in your google/blogger account's control panel. Here's a "how-to" to save you time:,d.cGU

    Otherwise, the painting looks really beautiful and airy. The shadow is slightly darker here compared to the image you've uploaded on facebook. I do prefer that version and think it is closer to the actual painting. Lovely...

  3. Hi Kara. Photograph a work of art is very difficult. I have seen the process that you have done and the final work. Good work bright and transparencies.
    Hugs from Barcelona ¡


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