Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A "Life" Adjustment

"Life" - with a little adjustment
6" x 6"
(watercolor on paper)

I received some great advice today from my friend and fellow artist/blogger, Roger Akesson.  He suggested that when I paint the larger version of this painting, I clarify the back cherry from the "middle" one, as their edges were a bit ambiguous (you can see the original here).  He was right. So I did a little adjusting on this small painting and I think it works better now - although I'll probably gently change the shape of the back one when I do this again. Thank you, Roger!  :)



  1. He has a good eye and a good suggestion. I sort of DID think it was a single odd cherry, and that little bit of lifted (?) highlight you've added is perfect.

    Your use of high contrast is what makes this painting appeal to me so much, giving it a lot of drama.

  2. That was good advice,and well execut!ed.
    I really admire good critiquers' abilities!

  3. Nice little painting...liking the white background also...regards!

  4. Well, didn't expect you to tell, but I think it is much better now. In a sense you did already in your first pencil sketch, but lost it in the water color one.

    Nice work! =)


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