Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Sketch

"Pitcher With Grapes"
9" x 7"
(watercolor on paper)
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I've decided to post and auction off another "sketch."  I'm trying to find a happy medium between the looser washes and fine detail work, as I love them both.  I'm also working on values and temperatures.  My hope is that these "quicker" sketches will help me become a better painter.

Thank you for viewing my work.


  1. Don't sell this short.Those grapes are better than a sketch and it really show the magic of watercolors.

  2. I am with Roger on this...I think this painting stands on its own...To me it is a finished piece. It may not be the same as your other work in terms of technical complexity but it is no less a work of art.

  3. Just a thought....dress designers often have more than one line of clothing for sale. From the high end one of a kinds that take hours and a team of people sewing, to their ready to wear which still has their signature look but has less man hours in it. You know what I mean.....?


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