Saturday, April 26, 2014


In the living room:  "Late Afternoon"

I just had some of my larger paintings framed and am so thrilled!  Next thing I need to do is listen to Leslie Saeta's AHA's (Artists Helping Artists) latest podcast to find out how to market these larger paintings so they can find their "forever homes."  :)  

Thank you to my friend, Rebecca Fay at Worcester Art & Frame for all your expertise - you did a great job.  I'm so pleased.  

This painting, "Morning Sun" is actually 24" x 31"
but it looks smaller than that to me, in this photo -- go figure.

In the studio:  (l to r:  "Late Afternoon", "Crystal Skyline," & "Parlor Afternoon" --
"Morning Blues" on dresser)
(I'm hoping that "Crystal Skyline"and "Parlor Afternoon"
will be juried into the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts upcoming exhibit . . .
my fingers are crossed!)

Presently on display in the studio - ready for some prices and marketing.
("Nature's Candy" and "A Moment's Rest" are on the top left, respectively - beautifully framed by Giclee of New England)


  1. your collection of works, framed is breathtaking!!! so so beautiful!! i am a huge fan and am sure all of these will find forever homes. amazing work!!!


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