Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some More WIPs

Blueberry Redo

There's a little story behind the blueberries.  I was just about done with them last time I posted -- just wanted to do one more background wash to get rid of a light spot that was a little distracting.  Well, I thought I'd get all fancy and mask off the edges that I didn't want to disturb with my background wash and made a big ol' mess.  The wash seeped under the masking and just yucked everything all up.  HOWEVER -- I kind of felt the painting was a little muddy.  Not as fresh as I would have liked.  So I decided to start over.  I'm so glad I did.  I learned so much from the first run-through that the second time around took no time to get to this point and I think it's fresher than the original.  See . . . there are such things as "happy accidents."  God bless Bob Ross!  :)

The chair was started a while ago but I don't think I ever posted the first washes.  So this is where I'm at today.  I'm excited about this one.  

Thanks for coming by.  Happy Painting!

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  1. So many lovely pieces to work on! You must be excited to hit the studio each day ;-) Can't wait to see how they all turn out!


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