Thursday, May 10, 2012

Embossing . . . gaaaaahhhh!

I'm working on this little ditty -- a 4" x 6" study on reflections and embossed surfaces.  Ugh.  The plate (actually a bowl) is embossed with little flowers that I can't seem to capture.  I've already scrubbed them out once and tried again . . . and am still working on them.  I'm determined to get this, but it's so hard for me.  Every time I have them in a painting I struggle.  Sometimes I hit it, but I'd like to be more consistent.  So stay tuned . . . 

Oh -- but before I go . . . Crystal Cook sent me this link (click here) that 100% accurately reflects my Zumba experience.  I LOVE it!  Thanks Crystal!  :)


  1. oh I am loving the reflections in egg,,,oh yes, I can relate to the foto of Zumba:)......zig,zag.......

  2. Well, I know what you want to do, but sometimes things doesn't look as good on paper. Perhaps you should focus on interpret it instead of duplicate it.

    It looks good to me.

    .... and yes... you owe me an e-mail.

    1. Good advice Roger . . . and I will get you out that email soon! :) Hope yoy and yours are well.

  3. I love the vivid reflections you've got on the eggs, and the color remnants on the embossment look so beautiful! I think the key to make embossment look 3-D is to draw in the dark shadow shapes castes by each embossed pattern. It's really hard. But I know you'll get it because you did similar things really well on "Grandmother's Tea". Looking forward to see your second take!

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence Arena! :)

  5. I am not seeing what you are unhappy with. It looks perfect to me. :)) And that shine on the eggs is frawesome (freaking+awesome). :D


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