Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Close . . .

"Blueberry Bowl"
 approximately 6" x 6"

"Cookies and Milk"
approximately 8" x 10"

Ugh . . . I'm so close with 3 of my paintings.  I just need to finish and get them over to DPW for auction!!  Gaaaahhhh!  And these aren't the best snapshots -- I don't know, they look a little washed out to me, but I just wanted to get them up to prove I haven't been totally slacking.  Have a Happy Friday!


  1. These are way you have been slacking!

  2. Thanks for sharing the progress shots! I can see you have softened edges within some blueberry shapes but haven't gotten to some of them yet -- it's like a small window perking into your process. It's so interesting to me!

    I love the muted blue-purple-cyan colors on the wall paper of "Milk and Cookies". What colors did you use to mix them? They are simply gorgeous colors!!!

    1. Thank you Arena . . . I can't say for sure what colors I used, but I always start with cobalt blue, alizarin crimson and new gamboge. Lots of times those along with burnt sienna are the only colors I use. When I start dipping into different ones, I get into trouble. But if I do use others, I do it carefully and sparingly. So as far as the blue background colors -- there may be an ultramarine or winsor blue green shade in there. But mainly it's cobalt and alizarin.

  3. Hummm... tout ce que j'aime!... Deux belles oeuvres... remplies de vitamines.
    Gros bisous

  4. Really like the works in progress images. It helps to see your approach to these wonderful pieces.

  5. Thank you I'm glad you like the progress images. :)


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