Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberry Study

"Strawberry Study"
6" x 6.75"
(watercolor on paper)

I started this as just one strawberry but continued painting around it.  It needed a home.  :)  I've started the bidding at $55.  Have a good day . . . I'm off to the gym.  (I just joined.  After 20 years of doing pretty much nothing, I decided it was time.  Basically I joined so I could take the classes.  That's the way to go for me, as I'm a complete lazy nightmare when left to my own devices.  So tonight is kickboxing.  It's outrageous -- very tiring, but fun.  I took my first Zumba class last Friday and LOVED IT!  I'm absolutely horrible . . . zigging when I should be zagging, arms and legs akimbo . . . I explained to a friend that I think I may have even poked my eye out with one of my very own hips!  But it is so much fun and a great work-out.  Okay . . . that's all . . . must go fetch my leopard printed unitard and leg-warmers off the line . . .  Ciao!)


  1. Votre étude de fraises est parfaitement bien aboutie... J'en ai l'eau à la bouche. Les couleurs sont organoleptiques...
    Je pense qu'on peut en manger beaucoup ...
    Grrrrrr vous avez du courage de participer à ces cours... je suis une grande fainéante de la gym.
    Gros bisous

  2. The reddish-purple/yellow-green color scheme works so well, I can almost feel the sweet-sour juiciness in my mouth! How did you put in the dark purples on the strawberries? I have such a hard time glazing on Fabriano paper! I need to see you paint!!!

    And, you really nailed that transparency of the container! It's so beautifully rendered...

  3. wow, you nailed this one!! It popped off my screeeeen,,,,what color!!!
    Then I read your blow by blow account of rebirth at the fitness center...omg,,,thanks for the laugh:) Have fun zigging and zagging..

  4. Hai Kara:) Lovely strawberry's! Love the colors and the way you painted them. Also love the fluid they are laying in. Really very nice!
    Have nice moments on the gym and becareful:)

  5. Kara this is SO beautiful! Juicy and shiny and THE most gawgeous strawberry I've ever seen painted in watercolor. No joke. :)

    And I go to the gym at the same time as the zumba class, but I prefer to do my own workout. So I run on the treadmill and try to stop from laughing at all the hip shimmying I see in the zumba room. It DOES look like fun, but I don't think I'd be able to stop laughing at myself long enough to get a good work out!! You are a brave woman. :)) You've probably seen this pic before but I'm sending you a link to it anyway because it cracks. me. up!


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