Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Week, Two Week

Carol Marine's new book

I had decided to take a week off after my Backroads Tour, but that week sort of turned into two! (Although technically, I did do a lot of work on my online store, I just didn't paint or blog, so I guess I was working some.)  Anyway --  now I have a few different things to report on.

Oh boy!  Those shoes look very familiar!

Carol Marine (of fame) recently wrote a book and was kind enough to include a little blurb about me and my work in it.  My copy arrived in the mail on Monday and I've been devouring it ever since.  It's a great resource and story; very inspiring. Carol is a fantastic writer so I encourage you to head on over to Amazon and order a copy today.  (It also makes a great Christmas gift!)

"Late Afternoon"

On Monday, my friend June and I took a ride to the Cape to pick up my painting "Late Afternoon" that had been juried into the Cape Cod Art Association's "All New England" show.  The Association is located in Barnstable and is a lovely facility. You can access their website here.

Being the crazy, spontaneous chicks that we are, June suggested we take a ferry ride over to Nantucket!  What!?  So we did!  I have never been, but I assure you, I will be going back. It was a beautiful day and personally, I loved that it was off-season: easier to maneuver without crowds and shoot reference photos.  Even though not all the stores were open - plenty were and it was just magical. We also checked out some galleries which got me all juiced to paint. And this all counts as research for work -- I have a great job don't I?  Thank you for a perfect day, Junie!  :)

leaving Hyannis

two crazy chicks

beautiful street shot - is it really Autumn?

So today I am back painting and like the Pointer Sisters sing:  "I'm so excited!"  I have so many things to think about and do.  Nantucket was incredibly inspiring.  Have a great day.


  1. Congratulations on the book inclusion! And thanks for sharing all your pictures. Hope you enjoyed your hiatus and looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    1. Thank you, Carmella. The spontaneous trip was so much fun! I hope I can turn some of my photos into paintings. We'll see. :)

  2. oh those shoes look fabulous in the book! I have the book on order for some time now...can't wait to have a look.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. The book is really nice - Carol always does things top-notch and this is no exception. I think you'll really like it. :)


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