Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Polish Strawberries"

"Polish Strawberries"
10.25" x 6"
(watercolor on paper)

Click here to bid.  Starting bid:  $100

I concluded that this was "finished" over the weekend. The image may look a little dark depending on your monitor.  I'm still having trouble adjusting colors (sigh). This same image, uploaded to DPW looks a little light/washed out, while this one looks dark. In my Photoshop, it looks just right. I can't win. Just know that the brightest whites are basically the white of the paper which may even be a little warm. I don't like to crank up the contrast, because I'm afraid of making the painting look "too good" as the monitor lights it from the back, but there is definitely more bright white in the original than what this image indicates. Oh well.

Happy painting and thank you for stopping by.

(an example of what this painting could look like when framed)

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