Friday, July 11, 2014

Future Tutorial?

So it hasn't been the most productive week for painting.  BUT I did get some work in.  I went through my paintbox and discovered some colors that I've never tried, so I worked on a color chart.  I did some color charts a long time ago, but haven't since I've been painting regularly.  I discovered some new things about some of the colors I've been using.  I'm a slow-learner.  :)

I also began a tutorial of a new fruit study.  A long-distance friend of mine is going to paint along side of me while I do this next painting.  So I thought I'd experiment with doing a tutorial.  So far I've done still shots and short videos and have emailed her their instructions.  If all goes well and I can get it together, I may turn it into a DPW art byte.  

While I haven't included the instructions here, I posted a few of the first pictures below.  Pay no mind to the dirty thumb nail (real thumb nail, not drawing "thumbnail"), I'd been gardening.  :)

sketch - working out my palette

first shadow wash

dirty fingernail with orange wedge

all wet and juicy

oh boy . . . so far so good

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