Monday, July 21, 2014

Meeting Goals - Better Late Than Never

Last year one of my goal's was to create an e-newsletter . . . well I didn't.  So I started 2014 with this same goal . . . and the months passed.  I had created a MailChimp account but only sat down a couple of times to try and figure it all out.  Oh, I had taken notes on what I'd include . . . I'd even gotten together a modest mailing list . . . but still, I just couldn't get motivated to make it happen.  Well I finally bit the bullet and over the weekend, took a day to figure it out.  "Summer - 2014" went out on Saturday night!  

My intention is to only send a seasonal newsletter, 4 times a year - nothing too much. I don't want to irritate people (more than I probably already do with my blog and Facebook).  Besides, I don't want to be all wigged out every month trying to put something together, regardless of if I have any news to share. 

So . . . if you'd like to subscribe for future seasonal letters, just click on the image above and it will take you to a form on my website. I'm planning to include some specials on artwork as well as art tips, in the future.  Many thanks.  :)

Meanwhile . . . a few more progress shots from over the weekend . . . 

Have a nice day.  :)

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  1. Maybe put a link to your first edition, so people can "sample" it?


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