Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Cannoli! -- wip

"Holy Cannoli!"  -- wip
5" x 5"

I was hoping to get this work-in-progress up over the weekend but didn't.  So here it is so far.  I'm continuing with this dessert theme (for now) -- apparently my sweet tooth is hungry.  In person, the painting isn't as washed out, especially the plate.  Hopefully my final image will reflect the painting more accurately.  

In other news, I took some great photos for future paintings, at The Hardwick Winery where I will be teaching a "wine and watercolor" class in April.  The winery is BEAUTIFUL and if you are ever looking for a nice outing, please check them out -- they have lots of events scheduled, beginning with their Maple Breakfast on Saturdays in March and lots of varieties of lovely wines.  I'm looking forward to beginning some of the paintings I'm planning from that photoshoot.  So that's the scoop here in Massachusetts.  Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.  :)


  1. Oh boy,just when I was trying to stay off sweets! This painting looks yummy so far. I also love your cupcake painting.

  2. These little snack paintings are another delightful directions you've taken -- yum! And I really envy those who are in the region and can take a class from you... Do share your new wine paintings! Can't wait to see them...


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