Friday, March 8, 2013

Workshop Wrap-Up





Aren't these fabulous!?  I'm so proud of my students!  We finished our 5-week workshop on Monday night and thought you might like to see the final paintings.  I think each student was able to capture the enamel's reflective surface and what about that steam?  I think I can actually hear Laurie's kettle whistling!  :)  I love the chips in the enamel that Annie, Laurie and Joanne included. (I don't think I even attempted to render it in my painting -- and they handled it like pros!)  Joanne's enamel looks amazing -- like it's just been polished.  And what about Shelley's wallpaper?  I think her choice of red creates such peace and harmony -- even her steam, wafting so gently from the kettle's spout makes me feel calm.  I also love Annie's beautiful wallpaper -- that blue-green is really lovely in person and the slight reflection of it in the handle is very well-done.  I'm just so pleased at how great they all did.  Three cheers for Annie, Joanne, Laurie and Shelley!!  Thanks for coming by and viewing my students' work.  :)


  1. These are great! Congratulations to you all!!

  2. Le travail de chacune est merveilleux... Toutes mes félicitations à toutes et au professeur également !

    Je vous souhaite une journée de la femme joyeuse et pétillante, gros bisous.

  3. Knap gedaan hoor je mag er trots op wezen lieve groetjes Danielle

  4. They all did a great job. Good teacher!!

  5. Kara's a great teacher, creative, very knowledgeable, and best of all fun. It was a wonderful class that went by way too fast! I'll be signing up for more!


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