Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All Done!

"Holy Cannoli!"
5" x 5"
(watercolor on aquabord)

I love when I can utter those two little words -- "all done!" :) I'm going to finish this piece with a UV protective gloss -- I think it will really bring out the colors. I don't know about you fellow bloggers, but I feel like I'll color correct (on my monitor) my images to a fairly accurate portrayal of the painting and then when I upload to blogger they lose all life! And if I add more contrast or saturation they end up looking garish when you click on them for a closer look. So anyway . . . know that while this is pretty accurate, there's some element that I can't quite pinpoint and the original has a little more life to it.  

Thanks for visiting today.  :)


  1. The title made me smile:)....looks great and besides it is calorie free,,,unless of course if you ate the model after the sitting...

  2. I know the painting is about the pastry but I love the plate the most. Carolyn Brady painted plates int that same manner...just a wash...maybe it is not just a wash but several but it is so effective and why I love watercolor so much.Beautiful painting...


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