Sunday, October 28, 2012

Number 12

"Number 12"
6" x 6"
(watercolor on aquabord)

(what this painting could look like framed)

Well it's been a while since I painted something to post and auction directly on Daily Paintworks, I've had so many other projects going on.  Anyhoo . . . I hope you like this one.  It doesn't need to be placed under glass and thus has been coated with a matte, UV protective finish. However it's always wise to keep paintings out of direct sunlight and you would only want to dust lightly with a dry cloth -- no water or solvents.

Thanks so much for looking!  I'm heading to veg on the couch and hunker down for the storm.  I hope all of you out there in Sandy's path stay safe and sound.


  1. This is lovely Kara. You sure have been busy lately! It's been fun to see all you've been up to, and your studio?! *drool* to die for!

    PS Everytime I see the title to this painting I finish it in my head with 'Grimmauld Place.' ;)

  2. Another beauty! We had a our first BIG snowfall of the season this past weekend but I guess that is better than having Sandy come a knocking on my door....or is that knocking it down....
    yikes...stay safe!

  3. Lovely painting...warm, sunny and inviting...nothing like it is today by you. I come from the East Coast...New York...and know how these storms can be. Somehow, it seems that storms are getting worse along the coast. I'll be watching this one since I have family there. Hope you stay dry and safe.


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