Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Little People

two Little People paintings well under way

So I'm finally getting back to normal (well . . . whatever that means!) and back to painting. So I'm hoping to finish up "On Line . . . "  soon and have started "At the Dentist." My hope is to do a series of three or four of these to submit to a Boston hospital's cancer wing for jury into their waiting room exhibits. That's been my plan since beginning these larger "little people" paintings. So now you know. I'm hoping that these happy little paintings might make people smile at a very scary and uncertain time. We'll see if the hospital feels the same way. I'll keep you posted. Of course, I need to finish them first!  

"On Line At The Theatre" - wip
11" x 14"
Moving along with my Open House endeavors . . . I received my second wave of notecards that need to be packaged up for sale.

more notecards are in!
Thanks for stopping by . . . Happy Painting!

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  1. It's very kind of you to have the patients in mind when considering subject for the hospital show... I hope they will put smiles on many many faces just like they did on mine. These are true gemstones -- cheerful, whimsical and carefully executed technically. I am looking forward for your next updates!

    I am in busy preparation for my first art fair this Saturday also, and receiving all the prints, notecards, business cards, frames... in waves here. It's a bit nerve-wrecking but also exciting! Make sure you post photos of the studio tour and hope you make lots of sales!


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