Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Weekend

I thought I'd share some photos of my studio from the Backroads Studio Tour last weekend. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures once the tour got underway because I was so busy! :) It was a tremendous weekend. Saturday, the weather was a little chilly but the light was gorgeous. It was sunny and really beautiful . . . quintessential New England Fall weather. Sunday was warmer but rainy in the morning and overcast most of the day. However that didn't stop the tourists. Both days I met lots of terrific people and thanks to them, made many sales. It far exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful.

So these photos show the new set-up. My hubby made me some great shelves so that I can prop up my framed pieces and not have to put holes in the walls to display them anymore. We decided to make a shelf that runs the length of the room, so that I could repair the wall and paint without having to go all the way to the peak. Gitty-up! 

I have an old tea-cart that is a wonderful side table that holds my palette, brushes and paints.  I can roll it around if I need to,  store things on the shelf underneath and in the drawer.  I can also use the glass tray to quickly move items on top if I need a clean surface.  And I could probably use it as a palette if I painted in oils or acrylics.

In the far corner by the door to the kitchen, I hang my primitive paintings on 3 old, hinged shutters.

The table in the middle of the room is where I usually paint during the day.  My roll-top is where I do my paperwork.

The little red box on the bottom left has a little t.v. in it and I often have that on while I paint.  :)  The top shelf continues across the room so that I didn't have to climb up the wall to paint the peak!

Lots of notecards!

I am very grateful to have sold many notecards, prints and original paintings. It was a great weekend!

Guests helped themselves to warm cider and brownies on my old wooden ironing board, which by the way is a great make-shift table when another flat surface is needed.

I kind of took today off to rest, although just finished up the second class for my workshop tonight. I love my ladies and they're doing great! I'm also excited to get back to my own painting tomorrow and into my routine again . . . in my nice, new and clean studio! Thanks for checking in . . . have a great day.


  1. Merci pour la petite visite commentée dans votre petit coin créatif...
    Très charmant...
    Gros bisous

  2. I am glad you had a successful weekend. It has been a while since we spoke on a personal level, but what I can see you are having fun and enjoy what you are doing.

  3. Kara, can I say I'm jealous of your studio space. It is amazing!!! And fits your art so well!!! Thank you so much for taking us on this tour and I have no doubt it was a tremendous space. I don't think anyone could enter that space without wanting to take a little of it home with them. Fabulous!!

    1. Thank you so much Carrie! You're very sweet. :)


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