Thursday, March 15, 2012


"First Day of School (Nostalgia I)"
5" x 6"

I needed to paint something light yesterday because I spent all day Tuesday worried sick, searching for my two dogs. Ugh! They apparently escaped our fenced-in yard around 10am, and didn't turn up until around 6pm when they were spotted a few miles from home.  Thanks to the help of our wonderful neighbor, the police, dog officer and other friends they are now safe and sound again. Anyway, we are busy re-thinking our yard, turning toward Sing-Sing for inspiration.  :)

So after all that drama, I felt like painting something goofy with a touch of humor.  My brother and I loved Fisher Price Little People when we were kids (and I still do!), so what better subject? And this could've been a portrait of us, except that I don't have red hair, he's not bald and thankfully I don't have a unibrow. (what's up with that?!) All in all, this was fun to do and if I had kids, I would definitely decorate their room in a Fisher Price theme! Such good stuff, eh?!  


  1. Oh I love this! I've been getting photos ready to paint of some of my kids toys for a long time and seeing this makes me want to start one right now! It's awesome Kara, and I'm so glad your sweet doggies are ok, the rascals. :)

    And personally it's not the unibrow that would worry me, but that disturbing polka dot mustache. I mean What is UP with THAT??

    1. Oh my goodness you are so right! You made me laugh out loud!!! So funny! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ha! Isn't that weird? Crystal Cook's comment is still cracking me up! :)

  3. THis is definitely cute...I love those figures. Yes, turn your yard into a little Sing Sing for those escape artists. Good that they stuck together on their wild adventure. My yard looks like Alcatraz...ask my dog:)

  4. I didn't even notice the mustache!!! (Ha) I am absolutely in love with this painting. I've seen fisher price people painted before but not with the doll house in the background. I love, love, love it. I have the doll house, barn, space station, and a few others that my Mom saved for me (that is as long as my boys can keep them in tact). I was cracking up at your post (visions of Sing Sing),

    I have completely been in your boat. My Mom's cat (my childhood) cat, who is still alive, disappeared for a week over Thanksgiving a couple years ago (We're pretty sure because he loves Turkey and my Mom wasn't making one at her house that year). Anyway after a week someone finally called us and said he was living with them. He'd been adopted by a family with 6 kids and they had named him Ginger (mistaking him for a girl). Happy in the end--but excruciating for that day, I went to every shelter in the area, drove and walked the neighborhood so often I'm surprised people didn't think I was casing the area.

    I have a bull mastiff (Moose) that escaped yesterday but he is such a couch potato that he ran to 2 houses across the street and came home when he saw I had a piece of American cheese for him. Normally after about 5 minutes he's either too cold or too hot and he comes home and knocks on the front door.

    So glad your family is in tact! I hope you do more of these paintings, just love them:)

  5. I love that your Bull Mastiff's name is Moose! What an awesome dog! I love big dogs. Glad that all your pets made it home safe. That family must've been sad to give "Ginger The Boy-cat" back. :) -- Thank you for your comments -- I always love reading what you have to say.

  6. Gosh I just had a flashback looking at these little people! Love your watercolors, from silly to serious ;D

  7. This is soooooooooo cute! I love whimsical paintings like this, and the bright colors that just sing and jump!

    I'm glad you got back your dogs -- I used to own a Scottish Shepherd which was later stolen from me. A year down the road I found out it was sold to one of the residents in the same neighbourhood. They totally denied it, but it still recognize me, and it makes my heart ache to ever think about this incident. May it never happen to anybody -- I can only take comfort in the fact that it is in a loving home instead of a pound. I'm glad your story had a better ending than mine...

  8. OH my goodness -- that's so sad about your dog! But you have a good attitude -- at least he's with a nice family. Did you get another dog?


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