Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Still Here

"Tulip II" (in progress)
(approximately) 6" x 9"

I think for me, posting my "Works In Progress" sometimes is the kiss of death for them! But I wanted to prove I haven't been slacking in the studio. I've been finishing up a commission, but also framing some pieces for upcoming juried shows and starting new things to juggle. "Tulip II" is from a photograph posted on the Paint And Draw Together website . . . as is "Classic Tomatoes." (Check that site out if you never have -- I find it very inspiring -- whether you paint from one of their photos and post, or get ideas on how to photograph or approach your own still lifes).

Anyway . . . although I haven't done anything new to the "chair with the quilt on it" or the "Church Street Barns" paintings I thought I'd post them so that I'd feel a little pressure to finish them up in the next couple weeks.  The "pitcher with the flowers and quilt" painting is about 16" x 16" and a new one I just started. So I guess that's about it folks. Enjoy your day -- and keep painting!


"Classic Tomatoes"

"Church Street Barns"

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