Saturday, February 25, 2012

American Summer

"American Summer"
11" x 29"

"American Summer"

(what this painting looks like in its frame)
outer dimensions 17.5" x 35"

Well I made the deadline!  I was finishing this painting for a juried show in Monson, Massachusetts at the Monson Arts Council into the wee hours of the morning and framing it when I got up. I hate it when that happens. :) Usually I'm not down to the wire like that.

I submitted this one along with the white pitcher and eggs (which I renamed "White Light" by the way). It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right? So I'll keep you posted on its fate. Just so you know, it's framed -- just like above, as that's the actual frame. Although because I didn't take a photo of it I had to piece the frame together in Photoshop. I assure you though, it's a very beautiful frame and is about 2 1/4" inches wide. There's about 3 inches of white matboard showing on three sides (3 1/2" on the bottom) and I used plexiglas instead of standard glass so it is much lighter to hang and easier to ship if need be.  

So that's my story. I will post the framed version of "White Light" soon. If either is accepted, I will put up the link to the online purchase site as all sales will go through the Monson Arts Council. In the meantime, you can always contact me if you're interested. Because I have a few pieces out there now being juried that I am awaiting word on, keep an eye out here on my blog as I'll be posting other purchase information as it becomes available. 

Thanks for reading!  I'm excited to start some new small ones.  Happy Painting!


  1. A fun take on the American flag, and a very nice painting. I am sure it will be chosen for the show.

  2. I just love your work!


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