Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

"American Summer"
11" x 29"

"American Summer"

So yes, I started another one. Good grief! I have about 4 paintings going and none are quite finished yet, but I love having a bunch of paintings in various stages coming alive in the studio. Sometimes the real detail tweaking can get tedious, so it's nice to take a break, paint BIG and then go back to finish things up later on. It also seems like I spend less time that way on the finishing touches. So I just thought I'd share my progress on this one.  It's a big one for me -- very fun though. I'll be sure to post when all of them are done and ready to go to shows.

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  1. Ha! I see your working habits are very close to mine... ^__~ I have about 7 serious projects and a bunch of smaller ones going on in the studio, not counting landscape studies. I don't know if I can ever finish all of them -- I am not progressing as steadily as you are here. But I totally agree with your observation -- when I get caught in details, I like to start something and do that big, wet, sweeping underpainting stage to loosen up too! It's more fun this way...

    I am looking forward to see all these project finished! I love the playful pattern formed by the strawberries and blueberries in this one.


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