Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Still Painting -- WIP

"American Summer" (in progress - detail)

"Grapes in White Pfaltzgraff" (in progress)
aprox. 6" x 7"

Helloooo!!  I'm still here and still painting. Forgive me for not having posted anything in the past week.  Here are a couple "WIP's"  (works in progress) . . . for you to look at.  Proof I AM working!  :)  Ok . . . back at it.


  1. Go Go Go.... happy painting.
    You are on the right track, looking forward to see them finished

  2. Love to see the works in progress, thanks for sharing, they look so delicious!

  3. Lovely work. The top one looks finished as it is so I am looking forward to seeing what else you do to it.

  4. I can see you are just like me... Jumping from pieces to pieces... Haha.

    How is the quilt and chair painting going along? I can't wait to see the finished piece... It was so beautiful already from your last post...


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