Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Getting Engaged? . . . Paper Heart No. 1

"Paper Heart No. 1"
6" x 6"
(watercolor on paper)
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So I've been going through some of my older paintings and thinking of different ways to market them. Besides this one going into a little girl's room, or as a Valentine's gift (all great ideas), I thought that it could also be a lovely gift for someone who is getting engaged. Can you just picture it? It's Christmas -- and the recipient might be expecting an engagement ring but first opens this instead, which of course under normal circumstances would be a perfectly lovely gift. 

(thought bubble: Thank you honey, but where's my ring?) 

Doh!  Another gift.  Oh boy . . . out comes the little gift-wrapped box.  Hmmmm . . . a little paper heart like the one in the painting.  (thought bubble:  Oh wow . . . now that's really disappointing.)

Oh, but wait . . . no worries . . . there's another gift . . . (cue the little box, the violins, the kneeling) . . . "Will You Marry Me?"  

Why of course!  (Oh joy!  Crisis averted.)  :)

This painting comes matted and framed under plexiglas, as shown above, and is ready to hang (commemorating your special event).  And included is a paper heart like the one in the painting. (Unfortunately I think the original heart is long gone, but I made a new one just like it.)

And don't forget . . . if you are around Central Massachusetts, please come by my Open Studio on Dec. 2nd or 3rd.  Karen Healey of "The Dappled Ewe" will be here with me. She dyes wool, hooks rugs and makes decorative hangings.  Her work is just beautiful. You can read more about her here

It's also "White Christmas" that weekend in the center of West Brookfield with lots of shops to visit and food to eat, not to mention my friend, June of  "June's Bakeshop" is just up the road.  She has a charming shop full of beautiful cookies, cakes, cupcakes and other treats.  

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