Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Good News on the Homefront!

work-in-progress (2)
6" x 6"
watercolor on aquabord

In personal news, my dad was released from rehab on Saturday!!  WooHoo!  So he is now staying with Dan, Teddy, Dee-Dee and me.  We're so glad to have him here.  He made wonderful progress while at HealthSouth in Ludlow, MA.  It is a tremendous facility, staffed with wonderful, caring people.  And I can't say enough good things about his team - so responsive, proactive, knowledgeable, diligent and compassionate.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who cared for my dad during his stroke recovery, from the bottom of my heart.

work-in-progress (1)
6" x 6"
watercolor on aquabord

On the artistic front: 

I've been working on some commissions as you know.  I finished one on Friday, but because it's not going to its recipient until the end of July, I can't publish it yet, but I will as soon as I can.

I've started another couple commissions over the weekend and will share some sneak peeks soon.  I also snuck in a little work on the orange wedge. 

Wishing you a delightful start to your week!

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  1. YAY for Dad!!! Speedy recovery! Love your work....joined the "World Watercolor Month" and it is also giving me a much needed push to paint.


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