Friday, July 1, 2016

Blog Talk Radio . . . Love It!

Painted into a corner:
This is where I sit to paint -- my large monitor is in front of me
and I can look out into my gardens during the day.

"Secrets To The Perfect Art Studio"  -- That was the title of last week's podcast by Leslie Saeta so I've peppered this post with photos of my "perfect-for-me" studio while singing the praises of the Artists Helping Artists weekly podcast.

An old store counter is the perfect height for working while standing.
I cut mats and do framing here.  The curtain hides supplies and books.

Whether you're a veteran artist or just starting out I highly recommend listening to Artists Helping Artists, a weekly podcast from artist, Leslie Saeta.  I can't tell you how many helpful tidbits I've received over the years by listening to her shows.  Each show is usually about an hour and are recorded live on Thursdays.

I try and keep this table surface clean.
This is where my students sit and work.
The old baker's table houses supplies and displays cards.

Leslie usually has a guest artist with her and they share advice about being an artist/small business owner.  She's covered everything from social media marketing, how to set up a studio, tips on staying inspired, legal advice for artists, to interviewing specific artists and conveying their stories.  Each show has been archived so you can pick and choose which ones you want to listen to in addition to tuning in live.

My deskwork area.  I do my blogging, research,
scanning, editing and printing from here.
The armoire holds my printer and paper.
A small lightbox is on the old slanted desk by the door.
Two students can fit at the black card table.

One of my favorite things about the information Leslie shares is that it's always geared toward the artist with little to no budget.  So when she's talking about marketing tools, they are usually free or have only a small fee but have the potential to yield good returns.  I've never been steered wrong.

"Where's Waldo . . . ahem . . . Teddy?"
Teddy finds the studio most enjoyable . . . can you find him?

So if you haven't ever listened to one of the Artists Helping Artists podcasts, or if you have but just not recently . . . hop on over and turn one on.  I love to listen to them while I paint -- although I often don't get much done, as I'm usually busy jotting down all the great ideas!

My stash of "Little People" props.

If you'd like to share other great artist resources or photos of your studio - hop on over to my Facebook post and share away in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you.

From another angle.

Have a lovely weekend!

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