Tuesday, March 8, 2016

True Confessions

work-in-progress - 6" x 6" - watercolor on aquabord

I don't know about you, but I find running a small, yet (hopefully) growing business from home very challenging.  I am not an entrepreneur by design and it's all I can do to strike a balance between painting and creating, along with book-keeping, marketing and everything else that comes with building a successful business.  In addition, my studio is in my home and therefore it's often tough avoiding interruptions:  phonecalls, dogs, housekeeping, etc.  I often find that when my home is in order, I do little painting and when I'm most productive in the studio, my house is in complete disarray!  There is only so much time in the day to do everything and while I've (happily) resigned myself to that fact, I still embark on finding and maintaining the perfect balance.  

How do you strike the balance?  Does building a business come easy to you?  I love the challenge, and enjoy researching marketing and contemplating new business ideas, but I find it's easy for me to get burnt out.  Do you ever need to take breaks from it all?  I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this topic, so please comment if you have the time (well, you probably don't have the time, but if you can spare a moment or two, I'd be most appreciative!)  :) 

Have a great and productive day!

Not much progress . . . I'm busy working on my book-keeping right now . . . but I'm dedicated to producing new work and and improving my business and time management.


  1. Like you, my studio space is in our home, which I like - but it is hard to find a balance. And I know I need to be more committed to how I structure my time, but actually doing that is another thing. I am so great at making schedules for tasks so that in theory everything will run smoothly and I will be creating so much great art that will in turn sell like crazy....except that never actually happens. Your art is beautiful and I do enjoy seeing your works here and on fb. I hope you continue with much success!

  2. Finding balance between "life" and being creative has always been a challenge! I feel like when I first start something new, Im all into it, but then because I put so much effort into one thing, I also burn out and become uninterested and move onto another creation! I feel its in our creative DNA to be like that, but I also have creative friends that work every day even when they feel burned out, they just keep plugging along. Your work is beautiful! Keep doing what your doing and it will all come together Im sure! My husband owns his own business and it is a 24 7 thing though, always trying some new marketing thing!

  3. Yes, the balance is hard. Although if my studio wasn't in my home, we might never have clean clothes! ;-) A few minutes to flip a load is a great break for the eyes. I also can't seem to keep studio hours up, marketing, blogging, record keeping, and the house in order. I am trying to be smarter about how I work, because I don't think I can work much harder. Evaluating the worth of each activity and then giving it the appropriate time priority - knowing that almost everything will get less time than I'd like, helps - although it is hard to do. E.g. Facebook is not worth the time I give it. I should stop spending time learn new marketing ideas and just spend the time trying what I already know, etc. Enjoy your blog and wish I could be as consistent as you are!

  4. I enjoyed all of your comments. ..lt can be great knowledge, for a budding artist.


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